Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pillow Talk

So, the Fourth of July weekend is coming up, and you know what that means...mattress sales.  Which is actually great timing because I find myself in need of mattresses.  The two big girls have been in those little toddler beds since they were old enough to fall out and be fine ("Ok sweetie, the new baby will be here soon, and I know you just got walking worked out, but mommy needs the crib, so you get a big girl bed!").  The blonde was recently jumping on one, and of course I holler "don't jump on the bed, you'll break it!"  and to both my pleasure and current dismay, it actually broke.  I say pleasure because this one incident has been the backbone to many of my threats concerning things getting broken due to improper use, such as the bed, and has been so succussful as a deterrent against bad behavior, it has been more than a little abused ("Don't just throw your shoe on the floor, you'll break it!  Remember the bed?!")  Anyways, the girls may have learned a lesson, but the bed is still broken.  Now, we face the big girl bed dilemma.  Do we get the blonde a big bed because she's older and is the one who has been sleeping on a broken bed for longer than any responsible parent would admit to?  Or do we get both of the big girls new beds to avoid any throwdowns on the brunette's part?  This is where I am, when suddenly, it occurs to me that we have a double bed frame in storage, and I propose to my husband that we just buy one mattress and the girls can share a bed!  Money saved!  Room spared!  And it's cute!  Plus, I have always thought the pioneers were cool, and as I recall from my Little House on the Prairie days, Laura and Mary shared a bed, and they loved it!  That, I think, is more than enough to justify the motion for sharing a bed - if the pioneers did it, our kids can do it.  And, I'm sure this explains my husband's reluctance, it only brings me one step closer to the fantasy Amish-with-cable life I have always imagined for my family - home grown food, fresh eggs, homemade adorable clothes for the girls, the kids sharing a big bed with a quilt I made yesterday thrown neatly over the top, so they can rest their little angel heads while I catch up on Teen Mom as I finish churning the butter...perfection.  Nevermind that we live ten miles away from a Nascar racetrack.  But, of course as if on cue, right as I'm getting to the fresh butter, the blonde screams from her room that her sister is trying to get in her bed and THUNK "I had to push her out!"  Okaaay....maybe not. 

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