Friday, June 3, 2011

And so it is...

In short, I married my high school sweetheart when we were in college, and had our first daughter before our first anniversary.  Being married was new enough, and now we had the responsibilty of being parents tossed in before we could even buy ourselves a beer.  And we sure needed one sometimes.  But God must have thought we were managing pretty well, because when our first was ten months old, we found out we were pregant again.  (Apparently you CAN get pregnant while nursing!)  And again, when our second daughter was ten months old - SURPRISE! (Apparently you can also forget that you can get pregnant while nursing.)  So now, five years, three daughters, and ten years worth of growing up crammed into our lives, we are bonafide grown-ups.  So much for traveling the world and stumbling upon myriads of unique life experiences.  My consolation is this - we will travel the world after out kids move out, and we will not only still be "young", we will know better than to stay in hostels and fork up the money for a nice hotel and fine will be awesome.  In the mean time, I am finding that while seemingly ordinary, this suburban lifestyle has afforded me plenty of "unique life experiences".  How many people can say they caught a child's poop in their hands to avoid having to wash the sheets again?  My husband can!  And while he probably doesn't brag about it at work, I think he's awesome for it.  I hate washing sheets, and he knew it (he's so dreamy!).  Now especially I am given an opportunity for experience - relocation through work has moved our family from Colorado to Florida.  We have left behind our family and friends for alligators and Confederate flags.  Well, I've only seen one (of each), but they were big, so it counts as at least three.  So, here I am, sweating myself a bra with Wow Wow Wubzy dutifully entertaining my children so I can sneak those chocolate covered pretzels out of the back of the fridge and eat them without anyone noticing.  Judge me if you will, but this only happens after four o'clock.  Before then, I'm all about leaving the TV off, eating healthy, being socially and environmentally responible, and all that jazz, but I got to say, come four, the remote and a bag of Cheetos just naturally find their way to my hands.  Don't hate.  So there you have it - not the course I had imagined, but is it ever?

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  1. Love it girl! Cant wait to keep up from afar. Hugs, Rachael