Friday, May 18, 2012

Love and affection.

We are a loving and affectionate family.  We give hugs and kisses, snuggle for movies, and say "I love you" often.  However, each girl gives and receives affection differently, which is to be expected, since they are all very different people.  The blonde, while not really a snuggler (she even told us the night before her birthday that once she's five, we can't hold her anymore...sob sob), is quick to say sweet things and compliment her family, often offers to help or do nice things for you, and rarely turns down the offer for a soft tickle on her back, or the chance to have some alone time with you.  The brunette must have some sort of telepathy - as soon as anyone sits down on the couch, she suddenly appears, ready to take up the cozy spot under your arm or in your lap, and just melts into any crevice she can wiggle into.  She is very tender, and whispers that she loves you while her sticky hand gently smooths your hair.  The baby is just as sweet, always taking breaks from whatever she is doing to give a good squeeze and a little peck of a kiss, but what sets her apart from her sisters, is that her most loving and affectionate time is always in the most unusual of places - the toilet.  Although she is always referred to as the baby (and probably always will be), she does actually do big girl things, and is completely potty trained, but she doesn't often like to go the bathroom by herself.  She always asks you to help her, and while she sits there, doing what one would do on the toilet, she tenderly reaches out to hold your hand and smile at you, and bat her little eyelashes, and occasionally, requests a hug.  I know it seems weird, but she's just so darn cute, who can turn her down.  Sometimes, I think it's, if you catch my drift (or wait a minute and catch a whiff), but I also think that for her, it's a time that she gets your full attention, and since she's got you to herself, she might as well be getting some lovin' out of it.  Before my folks came into to town for a visit, she even chattered about how Meemaw would get to help her go potty, and she would hug Meemaw's legs.  I don't know why she finds the bathroom to be the best place for hand holding and snuggles, but as long as she keeps it up (and we all wash our hands), I will take love and affection wherever it is offered.

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